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BC Contacts Directory is a British Columbia, Canada business directory & company/contact research software tool enabling you as a CASL (Canada Anti-Spam Legislation) compliant business developer to save time identifying and qualifying prospective clients, their pain points and business needs.

The result? Your "cold calls" become warmer and sales increase when you clearly & concisely state how your product or service solves their problems and makes them money.

Create new, mutually beneficial business relationships with BC companies and non-profit organizations offering complementary services or products, and supply your organization with the goods, services, technology and clients it needs.

8,596 BC companies / 23,279 decision makers

Save time finding British Columbia companies and getting to know their key decision makers by industry, company name, city, street address, postal code, etc.  Contact titles include Owner, Founder, President, VP, CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, CTO, Director, Executive Director, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, etc.

Stand out from competitors and target new markets by helping others get what they want by identifying their needs and filling them.

Let BC Contacts Directory help connect you to the industries, companies and the people running them of greatest value to you.

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BC Contacts Directory
helps you find and get to know valuable business contacts "under the radar"
of your competition, and provides you with the company and contact information you need
at the lowest cost.

Try BC Contacts Today Learn how BC Contacts can help you grow your business in Vancouver, BC and elsewhere in British Columbia, Canada

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Find contacts in over 130 industries, including Association or Society, Biotechnology, Career Development, Engineering, Financial Services, Geographic Information Systems, Health Care, Hotels, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Marketing, Mining, Non-profit, Online Directory, Publishing, Research, etc.

Find contacts ready to do business

By providing you with high quality company and contact information, BC Contacts frees you from having to contact prospective clients or business partners at random so that you can concentrate on those predisposed to doing business with you.

Boost sales by making your "cold calls" warmer

Need to know more about companies and their key contacts to be seen as a resource?  Then leverage BC Contacts' extensive company and contact listings to find the information you need faster.

Need even more company and industry information to gain a competitive edge? Then use BC Contacts' built-in Google contact search, or view archived company web sites at the click of a button.   Learn more Learn how BC Contacts can save you time doing company and industry research