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BC Contacts Directory helps you find better business leads faster by providing you with the information you need to find and qualify prospects and create new business opportunities. Need business lists for your e-marketing campaigns? BC Contacts Directory can supply them usings its contact export functionality.

See the following Features and Benefits chart and Why Choose BC Contacts? to learn more about how the
BC Contacts Directory can help you grow your business or non-profit organization.

Better Quality Company & Contact Information =>  More Qualified Leads => Increased Business

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BC Contacts Directory Features and Benefits



Draws on an unequaled wealth of British Columbia company and contact information to get you past company "gatekeepers" and open communication channels between you and people having the power to do business with you.

The BC Contacts business directory includes Company Name, Full Address, Phone, Fax, E-mail, Web Site, Business Category, Products/Services and more.

BC Contacts provides you with the names, titles and contact information for key company contacts, and includes biographies for an increasing number of contacts at high technology companies.
BC Contacts more than pays for itself when you find better business contacts and sales leads faster.

BC Contacts saves you time and money finding clients, distributors, business partners, suppliers and investors.

BC Contacts frees you from having to call prospective clients at random so that you can instead concentrate on those predisposed to doing business with you.
Helps you find important Company and Contact information stored in  the BC Contacts directory, company and other web sites leveraging built-in Google search and internet WhoIs database integration. 

BC Contacts shows related companies within seconds by finding web sites linking to any selected company's web site.

BC Contacts enables you to view company web sites dating back to when the company launched its first web site.

BC Contacts searches all database fields, including 7 user-defined fields.
You save time using  pre-selected, quality company contacts and learn about companies you would not have known existed.

BC Contacts is a valuable resource for marketers contacting Vancouver and area companies, and can easily be customized to meet your needs as a promoter of goods, services or ideas.
Launches company web sites in your browser automatically or at the click of a button.  Includes built-in E-mail sending and AutoDial phone support.

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You save time researching and contacting companies.
A ‘Swiss army knife’ for doing business in British Columbia, BC Contacts enables you to easily initiate and maintain contact with prospects and clients using personalized, template-based registered email and business letters which open in Microsoft Word at the click of a button.

E-mail subject line and message body may include 'custom tags' which BC Contacts replaces with Contact Name, Title, Company Name, Street, City, etc. to personalize your marketing material.

The BC Contacts web service alerts you by E-mail when contacts open your Registered E-mail, enabling you to make follow-up phone calls timed for maximum effectiveness.
You know when to call and introduce yourself - immediately after your product literature or business proposal has been viewed by company decision makers.
Maps company locations based on any searchable criteria including Street Address, City, Postal Code, Business Category, etc. using Microsoft MapPoint integration.

Location mapping and all directory searches may be filtered by business category, so that for example, only Manufacturing companies within postal code 'V5L'  are mapped and listed in search results.

Creates simple routes from your location to any chosen company within seconds. Also creates optimized routes which include numerous stops.

BC Contacts also uses Google Maps to map individual companies and simple routes - with or without satellite imagery, to help you distinguish larger companies from home businesses.
You save time using optimized routes and driving directions.

Knowing company locations helps you more selectively target companies, saving you time and money.
Program administrators may hide and disable company and contact editing and E-mail functionality at the click of a button.

BC Contacts is self-updating via the internet, enabling you to take advantage of program and directory enhancements as they become available.
Using BC Contacts becomes even easier while company and contact information is protected from unwanted modification.

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Listed British Columbia Industries

BC Contacts Directory is fully searchable. Find companies by industry, name, street address, city, postal code, products & services, keywords, user-assigned attributes, etc.

Most search results can be filtered by any of over 130 industry categories so you can focus on the industries and companies of greatest value to you.

Search Example:  Engineering companies in postal code beginning with V6

Search Example:  Aviation or Aerospace companies in Richmond

Search Example:  Software Development companies on Granville Street

These industry categories include:

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Make Your "Cold Calls" Warmer

Need to know more about Vancouver, BC and area companies and their key contacts to make your "cold calls" warmer and gain a stronger competitve edge? Then BC Contacts Directory is for you. Contact biographies and descriptions of their responsibilities are in many cases included, especially for key people running technology companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, engineering, software development and web design sectors.

Need to do industry research which builds on available Directory information? Then leverage BC Contacts' web browser/Google search integration, and its British Columbia, Canada associations and societies listings containing over 220 organizations to gain access to their up-to-date membership lists. BC Contacts even enables you to view archived company web sites and all linked web sites at the click of a button.

Save Time Qualifying Business Leads by Focusing on Hotter Business Prospects
BC Contacts Directory helps you focus on hotter business prospects and avoid home-based businesses unable to take advantage of your product, service or business proposal by providing you with zoomable satellite imagery together with a streets overlay of company locations, showing you whether your prospects are in residential neighbourhoods or industrial and commercial areas.

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Why Choose the BC Contacts Directory?

An investment in BC Contacts Directory provides you with the most up to date and complete company and contact information at the lowest cost.
BC Contacts gives you quick access to leads to help you become more productive and increase your close rate.

Compare BC Contacts to Business In Vancouver (BIV) Book of Lists, a quality competing product published by BIV Media Group:

  BC Contacts Directory BIV Book of Lists
Size 90 MB Unknown
Number of Companies 8,596 and growing
(as of March 7, 2017)
Number of Key Contacts 23,279
(as of March 7, 2017)
Number of Industries 131 81
Regularly Updated? Never often enough.
BC Contacts Directory enables you to quickly and easily confirm existing contacts and find new ones using built-in internet search functionality.
Data Format Relational Database and Custom Excel spreadsheets created within seconds by BC Contacts Directory. Tab-delimited contacts are also automatically exported. Excel spreadsheet
Included Information Company Name, Contact First Name, Last Name, Title, Email, Phone, Fax, Street Address, City, Province, Postal Code, Web Site, Contact LinkedIn URL (when available), Industry Categories, Detailed product or service description.

Several key decision maker names and their contact information. May also include their biographies and responsibilities.
"This Book of Lists includes more than 80 industry lists consisting of more than 2,500 companies, 3,500 contacts across 60+ different sectors and includes the latest research and lists published in BIV."
Contact Export Functionality

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Exports contact data directly to Microsoft Excel, or in standard format used by Maximizer, ACT!, Goldmine, Outlook, FileMaker and other contact management and customer relationship management (CRM) programs.

Exported Fields
Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Title, Email, Phone, Fax, Street Address, City, Province, Postal Code, Web Site, Industry Categories
Contact data may be imported into contact management and customer relationship management (CRM) programs accepting Excel format data.
Google Search Integration to Help Me with Company and Contact Research? BC Contacts enables you to quickly and easily find additional company and contact information using its advanced Google Search integration. No
Software Included? BC Contacts Directory business opportunity discovery software for Windows No. Text file opens in Excel, text editor or contact management program.
Easily Searchable? Yes No
Microsoft Word Integration? Yes. Creates personalized, template-based business letters in a single click. Similar to mail merge: You create a document containing placeholders for information unique to each business letter like Contact and Company Names. BC Contacts takes care of the rest. No
E-mail Integration? Yes. Creates personalized, template-based business letter e-mails in one click. Similar to mail merge in Word - all you need to do is to create one document template containing the information that is the same in each e-mail, and add some placeholders for the information unique to each e-mail.

BC Contacts Directory takes care of the rest, and includes sample e-mail templates to help you easily send e-mail using your Gmail account or other SMTP (mail) server settings, saving a copy of messages sent in your account.
Mapping Software Integration? Yes. Maps company locations, distances and routes using Google and Microsoft MapPoint™ maps. Satellite imagery and Google Street™ maps enable you to distinguish between home-based businesses and larger companies. No
Product Support BC Contacts Directory includes online How-to Video Tutorials plus email and phone support.

Program updates are included and delivered to your desktop as they become available.
Directory Updates

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Purchase includes 12 months of quarterly directory updates. Updates beyond this period are available at 50% off the full price. Yes. At full cost
Free Trial Available? Yes. Try BC Contacts today to get full access to thousands of BC companies and their decision makers having the power to do business with you.

BC Contacts Directory remains fully functional after this trial period, but limits search results. Paid product activation removes this limitation.
Price See Pricing $500

In addition to being the most information-packed British Columbia companies directory, BC Contacts Directory is also the best companies, contacts and industries research tool for doing business in British Columbia. Need more industry information? Then turn to the Associations and Societies category or select Online Directories for industry membership lists.

Purchase BC Contacts or download a free trial copy.

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System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP


128 MB RAM (256 MB when used with Microsoft MapPoint)

Data Backup Space:

200 MB on hard drive




1024 X 768 or higher resolution

Optional Software:

Any version of Microsoft MapPoint including MapPoint 2013 for full mapping functionality and Microsoft Word (any version) for template-based business letter creation.

Additional Information:

Internet connection required for E-mail, web browsing, WhoIs lookup and web site/internet search functionality. Periodic program and database updates also require an internet connection. 

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BC Contacts?
 Make Your "Cold Calls" Warmer
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How to avoid the
"cold calling" blues and be more warmly received by decision makers

Cold calling is easily the least popular part of your marketing campaign. However, it is often the hard work spent cold calling that determines your marketing success. Before beginning any cold calling, do some upfront preparation to help make your cold calls a little warmer.

Leveraging company and contact information for thousands of British Columbia companies, BC Contacts frees you from having to call prospective clients at random so that you can instead concentrate on those predisposed to doing business with you.

What Others Say...

"BC Contacts makes me money, is priced right, easy to use and saves me time. It's something all marketers can and should use."

Kevin Stefura, Sales & Marketing Manager
Canadian Heating Products Inc.
Langley, BC

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