BC Contacts Directory is a British Columbia, Canada business directory & company/contact research software tool enabling you as a CASL (Canada Anti-Spam Legislation) compliant business developer to save time identifying and qualifying prospective clients, their pain points and business needs.

The result? Your "cold calls" become warmer and sales increase when you clearly & concisely state how your product or service solves their problems and makes them money.

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Download a fully functional evaluation copy of BC Contacts Directory to get full access to information on thousands of British Columbia companies and their key decision makers including Owner, Founder, President, VP, CEO, CFO, CTO, Executive Director, General Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, etc.

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"I feel the BC (Contacts) Directory is a key database to source local corporations and wish I had access to it years ago when I first got into the business.

I have found your BC (Contacts) Directory database to be comprehensive, current and a valuable prospecting tool. I have access to D&B but your system provides an easy way to scroll through leads and get the info required to make qualified calls to prospects. All and all a great find."

John Kirk
Corporate FX Sales Executive
Vancouver, British Columbia

"I love your product. The ability to search with a wide variety of different options, connect with people through Linked in, and all of the information available on the different companies is a wonderful resource for us. This is a great product, and one I've already suggested to a couple of other people. Thank you so much."

Niki Rapanos, Manager
Glenbriar Technologies Inc.
Burnaby, British Columbia

System Requirements: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP


Email* your name and company or organization name to bccontactsdirectory@gmail.com to receive a link to the download location of a fully functional evaluation copy of the BC Contacts Directory.

OR -- Call us now at 778 834-9424 (Vancouver, British Columbia) to get started with the BC Contacts Directory today. --

What makes this trial valuable?

  • * Complete access for one week to your choice of 250 contacts from thousands having the power to influence doing business with you, combined with your choice of 250 business descriptions spanning over 100 BC industries to help you research companies and identify business opportunities.
  • * Hundreds of BC Organizations & Societies - often with publicly accessible membership lists, collectively offering you thousands of additional, verified contacts complementing existing Directory information.

  • What can you do with it?

  • * Increase sales while complying with Canada's new CASL (Canada Anti-Spam Legislation) effective July 1, 2014.
  • * Search BC Contacts' extensive company database, LinkedIn, company websites, Industry Canada and other internet resources to find and confirm business/business contact information useful in marketing your products and services.
  • * Target business contacts & send them your proposal or personalized, template based, easily modified Text or HTML business letter using your business, Gmail, Yahoo, Shaw, Telus or other email account.
  • * Maintain your new business development momentum with BC Contacts' cold-calling/business proposal follow-up action plans/ progress reports which include full company contact details, 1st Contact and Follow-Up dates, your Opportunity Assessments and even the Distance/Time to Targeted businesses.
  • * View Sent Mail logs and disable mailing to specified people and companies.
  • * ... and much more.

*Please use your regular, work email account when requesting an evaluation copy as email from anonymous accounts (eg. Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) may not make it through spam filters.

Additional Information
BC Contacts Directory is a "try-before-you-buy" software product. You may try it for free to discover its benefits and powerful, yet user-friendly features. Use beyond this trial period requires a purchased activation key.

BC Contacts Directory is designed to facilitate mutually beneficial business-to-business communication and is not made available to known spammers or anyone from countries having reputations for email spamming and fraudulent internet activity.

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