Users Report BC Contacts Directory an Investment in Your Business

"A  powerful and effective tool, it is intuitive and user friendly.
If your time is important, and you want to be productive and effective with your prospecting, the BC Contacts Directory is a must have.
Equally impressive is the after sales service."

TJ Cimino, E- Commerce
JTC Industrial
Burnaby, British Columbia

"I feel the BC (Contacts) Directory is a key database to source local corporations and wish I had access to it years ago when I first got into the business.

I have found your BC (Contacts) Directory database to be comprehensive, current and a valuable prospecting tool. I have access to D&B but your system provides an easy way to scroll through leads and get the info required to make qualified calls to prospects. All and all a great find."

John Kirk, Corporate FX Sales Executive
Vancouver, British Columbia

"I love your product. The ability to search with a wide variety of different options, connect with people through Linked in, and all of the information available on the different companies is a wonderful resource for us. This is a great product, and one I've already suggested to a couple of other people. Thank you so much."

Niki Rapanos, Manager
Glenbriar Technologies Inc.
Burnaby, British Columbia

"BC Contacts has been great; the free trial was a generous enough time to see what it's capable of and we bought it the next day after it ran out. Brian has been very supportive, gone over and above, including meeting in person to set up the email feature that I struggle with as a computer dummy. Kudos, well done."

Sales Manager, Lighting Industry

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"BC Contacts Directory is a breath of fresh air in the industry of business prospect lists. Valid and useful, the database underlies a professional tool that is on the whole easy to use. Furthermore, the customer support provided us after-sale is nothing but outstanding. I recommend BC Contacts Directory whole-heartedly. We plan to use it extensively to consolidate and expand our western Canadian market."

Claude Belisle, Marketing Director
S3 Technologies Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia

"BC Contacts makes me money, is priced right, easy to use and saves me time. It's something all marketers can and should use."

Kevin Stefura, Sales & Marketing Manager
Canadian Heating Products Inc.
Langley, British Columbia

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"BC Contacts was quite instrumental to the success of my projects by leveraging on the rich information content of its database. The application is professionally tailored, very informative and easy to use."

Ben Harris-Eze, BSc., PMP
WestLink Intern

"BC Contacts not only provided me with the information needed when contacting customers, which made my job a lot easier, they also provide OUTSTANDING!!! customer service."

Barbara Gonzales, National Coordinator
The Anthony Robbins Companies
San Diego, California

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"Thank-you for the outstanding service you provided us. You were prompt to respond to our needs and we are more than satisfied with the results. You were very patient and informative when helping us with questions on how to get started and therefore made the process a pleasurable one. Thanks again!"

Scott Humphrey, Peak Performance Strategist
The Anthony Robbins Companies
San Diego, California

"Every once in a while you come across a product that exceeds your imagination of what you hoped would be possible. Sometimes these innovations set the industry standard and become tools that everyone will need in order to continue to be competitive. I have had the opportunity to evaluate the BC Contacts Directory and believe that it is one of these kinds of products and advancements."

Patrick Coady, President
Success Development Group Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia

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"BC Contacts quickly paid for itself by enabling me to save time finding new clients."

Marketing Manager at major Vancouver web design firm
Vancouver, British Columbia

"BC Contacts helps me easily find and follow up on important sales leads that I otherwise would never have known about!"

Small Business Owner
Kelowna, British Columbia

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