The Organization Behind BC Contacts Directory

BC Contacts Directory is a division of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based DataCentrik Solutions, a software development firm founded in 2001 to solve business problems by creating useful, intuitive, highly usable, maintainable web and desktop applications built on comprehensive planning and the application of user-centered design best practices.

Company clients included IBM, the British Columbia Ministry of Health, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia (UBC). By 2006 our focus narrowed to doing what we do best: publishing the best British Columbia business directory and marketing software package.

From the Publisher

Business owners and their business development/marketing people sometimes ask me how a small directory publisher can make the best British Columbia business directory and industry/company/contact research and business marketing software. The short answer is that no other directory publisher works the way we do. Our multi-disciplinary team of resource developers uses its proven marketing and business development experience to design and develop the BC Contacts Directory in consultation with you.

That's why instead of publishing listings for tens of thousands of companies, we focus on a smaller, manageable number. Instead of providing you with only a bare minimum of company, contact and industry information, we find and publish useful, accurate information in cooperation with the businesses, schools and other non-profit organizations listed. That is, we aim for quality over quantity.

As I see it, thatís the only way we can provide anyone working to find and create business opportunities in British Columbia with the information you need.

I challenge you to try BC Contacts for free to either prove or disprove our claim that no other business development resource can help you as much in creating new business opportunities in this province.


Brian Hauk, publisher
BC Contacts Directory

Make your "cold calls" warmer

Need to know more about companies and their key contacts to be seen as a resource rather than a sales person? Then leverage BC Contacts' extensive company and contact listings to find the information you need faster.

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